Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Image result for small light surrounded by darknessHope is a very feeling of hanging on to something. Surrounded by feelings that dragging you down but with all your might it won't budge your sanity/will. This feeling of security can not be obtained anywhere but what truly in your heart. Either being family, friends, religion, or anything that give you a sense of peace. I can't say much of how hope can be restored, but hope has always been with us all along. Being there when time is tough, telling it is not over yet and that there is still a chance whether it nearly impossible it is still possible. To me hope is basically my life source, it keeps me going either by knowing there a chance I won't be able to do it and might able to do it but either way, I'll live it. A quote that may resemble this would be "everything happens for a reason." I heard this line from a lot of inspiration movies that got really deep. Lets get started where things got tough in my middle school life. It all started where I moved a lot to many schools. Having to be on a different page from everyone else. That didn't stop me from learning but gave me the more reason to strive for better. When getting to each school every lesson is taught differently and pushed me to a corner where it was just too hard to continue on. I got past it though by having help from teachers, tutors and sometimes family in the extra time they had. Even when there's a great wall you must encounter take step by step and continue to the next.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Response to "The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas"

In the world where everything is exactly how you want it do be, everlasting joy with nothing to get in your way but just one. A lone child stuck in an interdimensional barrier(figuratively) where it is dark and scary to live and had always been treated in a form of dehumanization, not even human anymore to keep the purity of the world. One shall suffer the fate worst than death for the better good of all is the moral of this story.

Image result for social injusticeThe people in this city, Omelas, are upset of seeing the fate of a monstrously being /child life must be for them live. Accepting what others had accepted creating a loop of treating a human kid into a monster and making it seems it must be done. Providing some reason to convince their self-conscious in thinking this is for the better good, such as even if the child is released it won't be able to know any joy because of all the misery it had kept up. To me, this child is an obstacle that the locals must face the misery or go on and have part of their heart darken to the level of fear, losing all to be lost. Those who stay have accepted that this is needed and the one who leaves are the one who doesn't feel this is right and wants a change. This is quite parallel to our world because we treat people from another color, gender, and homosexuals as inhumane. In Omelas it would be a monster unbearable to look at. Even today we still treat these societies as weird to some degree. The injustice of the Omelas and ours are quite the same, with all the killing/ bullying in our world and Omelas as discarding a child as nothing but hideous.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Social Justice

Image result for social justice stereotypes
In the ted talk, "Islamophobia killed my brother. Let's end the hate," by Suzanne Barakat she express what she felt about the injustice of a person can do to her brother. The rage in her about the hate and immorally act a person can do toward the Muslim culture. Wanting to fight to end the hate between her religion, she gave her story clearly to show how easy for people to say that when Muslim do an act of violence, they are called Terrorist. But for white men they act in violence driven by mental illness or in her case driven by park distribute figuratively. Barakat's brother family has done nothing wrong, but because for their faith, a piece of cloth on top of their head and because they were physically Muslim they were brutally murdered, execution style. She deliberately talks about how her brother has been a great person in general and was already set for the future with his family. Now, that is all gone because of a man who is anti-religious and has gone out executing people he did not like because of a race he wasn't fond of. He turned himself in stating that he did it because of a parking distribute, but even when the police figure it wasn't the damage was still done. That's not all even beyond death Muslim before or today had to put up with these type of torturously. Dealing with the nasty stares, the fear of boarding a plane, necessary pat down of Muslims 99% of the time and politically banning of Muslim immigrates to enter.  In the sense of where social justice is going through, a path on a rough sturdy road. Having some kind of social justice for these problems will make life a little bit better than having hate among each other. The Majority of the issues during this time would be religion, racism, and prejudices among homosexuals. To me, I would say racism personally concern me because there is some stereotype that has a comprehensive of Asian are, fixed on specifically knowing Asian are generally smart, but in reality, they don't recognize that we just as hard try our best like everyone else.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Miranda July "Birthmark"

Image result for synthetic happinessAfter reading this story I have an understanding of happiness. The part when she was describing how she felt when she had the stain and how people see her as that. Soon enough she removed it and giving herself a little self happiness but the synthetic one. The feelings of not have the scar has built up into her making her feel different and feel like something is missing. For example the author puts, "she was a beautiful person who is missing something ugly." Making it seems that she should have not removed it.The author felt this way because it was like taking away a part of her life or purpose. When this removal happened it changed how people think of her like the compliments she was getting about her scar being gone. From then on she was was around people not knowing her birthmark and notice that no one felt the "haunting absence" of hers stain. Making her feel doubt about herself if she did had it,her husband wouldn't marry her because of the scar. When the scar reappear from the jam the husband said they could have a child now because they were closer than before. The feeling he had for her was there even if there was scar he still loved her and now she understands that. Making it the best happy ending for them.

Ted Talk Happiness.

Julie Lythcott- Haims in the speech, how to raise successful kids -- without over-parenting makes a claim that we as parents should stop being over protective and let our children run freely. For example to stop pressuring them on getting to college or GPA and let the thinking go for children to do or decide. Haims support her claim by explaining what even she does as a parent like the rest of us do, protecting and preventing every turns ever happen and steering our kids to toward a college or careers. She then shows this in the perspective of the children. For example, she would say things like to them it seems like we are nagging them to do their homework. Also that we pressure them to do their checklist causing them to feel there is no fun time. She then explains a suggestion of letting the children develop their own self-efficacy for they can experience life for themselves. Doing this but helping them on the side like asking about their day and not for their grades. The author's purpose is to inform parents that leading the children towards a college isn't the best thing so they should let their children choose for themselves and experience life.

Friday, January 27, 2017

"The Surprising Science of Happiness"

Image result for HappinessDan Gilbert in his speech, The Surprising Science of Happiness, explains that happiness with options that can change can lead to a risk of overblown from all the info. Stating that Synthetic happiness is more reasonable because you find a way to be happy with what you have. Gilbert supports his explanation by illustrating evidence such as demonstrating a person who has bad qualities and finds a way to be happy around the problem like a married person. Telling more stories of the two side of happiness like a class who has some days to pick what picture they like and a class who has 2 minutes. Of course, the one class that has 4 days to pick their photograph have a hard time because they have more time in detail of what to pick and become more dissatisfied than the one who has 2 minutes. Soon enough he points out that, "we should have preferences that lead us into one future over another. But when those preferences drive us too hard and too fast because we have overrated the difference between these futures, we are at risk." For instance, it's like overloading our brain to the point of not knowing what to do. The author's purpose is to inform the difference of Synthetic happiness and natural happiness in order to let us know that we work too hard over a choice to make.

Overall this speech of his gave me an understanding that we all use synthetic happiness in our daily life. We work around things to make it easier on ourselves, but sometimes we get stuck on what to pick like this item is better than the other, or this one. These are important to know for becoming unstuck when stuck.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Happiness is a brief moment that can occur occasionally depending on different variables or aspect of one's self. It is an emotion that gives joy and becomes memorable to those who experience it. It could be either a time where family meets or a time where someone would celebrate for an event, holiday for example. For me when I hear the word "Happiness", I think of family, music, and nature. My Family would be the feeling of connection. Where I can tell them about my day, and how it goes or to express my feelings. Music is where I'm in a different world where peace and quiet exist quite the opposite you might think but, to me it's a relaxing place to stay and think. Nature would be like the sun where I feel the brightness, warmth and the air passing through myself, giving off a sort of chill. I have no idea what to call this sensation, but it has to be related to being happy. In addition to the word nature, reminds me of hiking where feeling the new experience and seeing quite marvelous occurrences. For example, this one time I went with my uncle on a trip walking roughly 5 miles up the mountain. It's going around and around the mountain till it goes to the top. When getting to the top the scenery there was an unbelievable view that was purely amazing. It's a scenery where it brings chills down my spines because of the self-accomplishment I felt. Happiness can happen anywhere, anytime depending on the situation of one self-feels.